1. To process your order, DBLG requires a minimum amount of $600 (before taxes). A $30 handling charge will be applied on all orders of $600 – $800 (before taxes).
2. The customer is responsible for all freight charges for orders of $600 – $1,600 (before taxes).
3. The minimum amount required for prepaid transport orders in Quebec and Ontario is $1,600 (before taxes). For the remainder of Canada, the minimum amount is $3,500 (before taxes). Prepaid transport does not include any extra charges such as tailgate, inside delivery, delivery appointment, etc. Any extra charges will be automatically billed to the customer. In order for DBLG Import to maintain competitive prices, these extra charges cannot be absorbed.
4. Backorders will be handled in the following manner:
A. Unless otherwise advised, all backorders will be automatically cancelled.
B. If the customer wishes to maintain backorders, they can be shipped once they become available. If backorders total less than $800 (before taxes) in Quebec and Ontario, and $2,500 (before taxes) for the rest of Canada, they will be shipped at the customer’s expense, or added to a future order. The customer must advise DBLG how to proceed with the backorder.
C. If the amount of the backorder is over $800 (before taxes) in Quebec and Ontario, and $2,500 (before taxes) for the rest of Canada, the freight charge will be absorbed by DBLG. Amounts are doubled for tender customers.

An important note on shipping and delivery

When the shipment is delivered, time must be taken to count the cartons and confirm by signature the number of cartons received. If the number of cartons is not marked on the slip, please ask the driver for this information (indicated on the driver’s manifest).

If there are too many cartons to count, the receipt must be marked “subject to final count verification”.

Unless this procedure is followed, we will not be able to accept claims for missing cartons. The number of cartons signed for must correspond to the number of cartons shipped so that we can identify at which point in the shipping process a problem may have occurred.

All claims must be submitted within 5 days of receipt of merchandise.


Payments must be made by cheque, money order, or e-transfer.

We do not currently accept credit cards.

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